Managing Online Document Storage with One Drive

Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage service. So, wherever you are, you can share resources with whoever you want from whatever platform you work on: this is the underlying principle of all information services.

What is cloud storage and how does it work? It is an online space, a virtual location where you can save your favorite files on the internet.

You can easily and quickly share them with other people and sync them with other devices using the appropriate apps.

How Does It Work?

Everything is ready now we will explain how to handle the tool.

What are the 5 benefits of open source?

Like all solutions, One Drive has the positive sides that make using it more pleasurable and comfortable. Top 5 Benefits of Open Source Software

  • freedom and flexibility;
  • high quality;
  • exponentially lower costs;
  • security;
  • innovation via communities.

Storage Of Photos, Videos And Office Files


To sync files with Microsoft servers, save them to your OneDrive folder.

Memory Management

Saved files can quickly take up space on your computer. OneDrive allows you to “share the file or folder”. This option deletes the file on your local hard drive but leaves a copy online. So your file is always available.

To share your file, all you have to do is right-click on the file or folder you want and then “Free up space”.

Web Interface

There is a lot of talk about the file explorer, but there is also a web interface that can be used entirely from your browser.

The web interface is fully functional with Google Chrome so you can create folders, Word or Excel files. You then have access to an online office suite. But that’s not all, you can move your files, share them too. In short, everything you do from Explorer, you can do from a simple browser.

Share Files with Onedrive

One of the strengths of OneDrive is that it can easily share files. This is very convenient when working on a joint project and the files are too large to be emailed.

Manage Your Onedrive Folders

To limit the number of files to sync, you can select the folders to sync.

You must go to OneDrive settings by clicking on the icon at the bottom right next to the time.

Backing Up Your Files

A final important point in this OneDrive tutorial. This Microsoft cloud app is not a backup solution, but a synchronization solution.

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% availability of your files, but is not responsible for any loss.

Why Is This Not a Backup Solution?

In the case of Ransomware viruses, your data that is also encrypted in OneDrive is encrypted since it is synchronized. So yes, if your other portative computer is not connected, you can restore them, but admit that it is stressful.

If data is deleted, are you sure you can recover it? It’s not easy even though Microsoft says they should be kept in a trash can for a few days.

So How Do You Back Up Your Onedrive Files?

This OneDrive tutorial is nearly complete, but I highly recommend saving your files by copying and pasting them to an external hard drive. Even if it’s archaic, it’s better than nothing.

Finally, individuals can back up their OneDrive data at the same time as backing up their computers.

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