What Does Make Ansarada the Ideal VDR Solution?

Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a cloud-based virtual data room that helps companies with mergers and acquisitions, deal management, information sharing and collaboration with key features such as auditing, data protection, data storage, document preview, engagement scoring and project management.

The application has a bidder engagement module that collects data from multiple stores and provides insights into bidder behavior and engagement. An interactive deal assistant uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide answers to questions. Ansarada Virtual Data Room allows sell-side to control information delivery, manage communication with bidders and provide an audit trail from digital archives.

Ansarada Virtual Data Room comes with a pattern recognition engine that monitors daily logins, document views, and consultant activity. With the management and bulk action function, teams can upload documents and share them with bidders. The customizable branding feature allows users to add a logo, place a welcome message for customers, and select a project URL.

The main features

  • due diligence, m&a management;
  • project and purchasing management;
  • anonymity management;
  • check;
  • document marking;
  • cooperation;
  • data storage management and data protection;
  • role-based permissions.

Ansarada is a global company that offers VDR services that focus on simplifying business agreements. The main goal is to simplify the lives of business owners who are involved in communicating sensitive information over the internet.

The history of Ansarada is similar to a number of start-up stories. The company was founded in 2005 and the idea to start it came from a team of enthusiasts who participated in an M&A agreement. At that time, there were virtually no companies that could produce secure, high-quality and efficient software, and there were hardly any virtual computer rooms. The team tried to find one for their needs, but there was virtually no product on the market that could meet their expectations. Then they teamed up with an entrepreneur who was looking for what meant something to contractors and the collaboration to create the platform that made it easy and quick to close online deals.

Benefits of using the Ansarada Data Room

  • Secure VDR;
  • No plug-ins and adaptation to all types of devices;
  • Due diligence management of virtual computer rooms;
  • Perfect for mergers and acquisitions;
  • Good support services.

According to research shared by the Virtual Data Room Review, this VDR helps businesses stay ahead of their time by speeding up agreements and not compromising security. Dealers can track who has access to certain documents, while the owner receives a complete report that can help predict the outcome of the agreement and increase buyer interest. Leaks are made almost impossible, but when they do, a detailed audit will determine which users are responsible for them.

When it comes to data distribution and uploading, this data space service provider offers incredible simplicity: documents can be uploaded from any device, browser and operating system without the need for flash requirements and plugins. Not only individual documents can be uploaded, but entire folders, if the owner has specified permission.

Dataroom Ansarada works with built-in electronic signatures and the security system supports two-factor authentication. Data security is provided by dynamic watermarks, alerts, audit trail reports and encryption protocols, enabling a simple management environment.

Ansarada’s Challenge

Resolve bad customer experiences or unavailability in high-intensity and urgent situations.

Prevent security and privacy breaches and ensure platform accessibility, even in the event of an attack.

“Ansarada is preparing companies for the next. We help our busy clients gather information and run the operations they want (raising capital, IPOs, etc.),’ said Steven Rogers, Chief Systems & Security Officer at Ansarada.

Rogers continues, “We first heard about Cloudflare when a group of recent students tried to improve the Internet, and we saw the company grow into the major Internet player it is today. In our own company, we mainly focus on the following:

  • Strengthening our perimeter
  • Super fast experiences for our customers
  • Reduce the risk of data leaks from potentially vulnerable applications”.

Solution of Ansarada

Using Cloudflare’s web application firewall to proactively protect against malicious activity on Ansarada SaaS platform. Ansarada also leverages Cloudflare’s extensive network of data centers in 270 cities and WAN acceleration to improve performance for all global customers.

“Performance is critical to operations in today’s internet-driven world. High availability is also extremely important because of the industries our customers operate in and the way they use our platforms. The reputation we earn through secure and accessible systems is critical to our success and instills enormous confidence in the market. For us it means customers come back and do new business. We are a fast and agile ‘modern’ company and we work with like-minded companies, so with the help of our partners we can continue to innovate and act quickly in proven ways, Rogers says.

“Cloudflare is helping us a lot with automation. API first is a big topic for us, and we see how hard Cloudflare is working to provide automation tools and modules like the newly introduced Terraform module. This means we can link Cloudflare configuration to the product teams “We used to have all the end-to-end functionality of a service. Previously it was just the code and infrastructure, but now we can also include alerts, monitoring and security,” Rogers continues.

“Cloudflare is an easy-to-use and affordable service that brings tremendous benefits to our platform in terms of security and performance.”

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